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Off-Season Bowling
Week 1 stats, standings, and recap now posted more..

League MVPs
MVP candidate list (all leagues) now posted more..

Quarry HR Banners
Hit the banner and win a prize. Synertree offering $25, Kiefer Landscaping $20 more...

Post Season Statistics
Post season stats are becoming available on a league by league basis click here

Softball America Bat List
Legal and illegal bat lists updated
08/26/20 click here

All-Star Restricted Lists
Men's and Coed all-star restricted lists now posted. more...

Arguing Balls and Strikes
Grounds for an ejection more...

Understanding Scorekeeping
Get to know how your stats are recorded and what it all means more...

Altered Bats
Bat doctoring is a federal crime more...




SOFTBALL AMERICA of Warrington, PA is proud to offer highly organized softball leagues in the Philadelphia region. continued...

FREE AGENTS can join at almost any time. You can enter our league as a free agent or with a full team. continued...

SOFTBALL FIELDS are located in Hatfield, Warrington, Doylestown, and Horsham Townships as well as Telford Borough. continued...

GAMES are 7 innings and of slow pitch limited arc format. continued...

STATISTICS are kept for every player in every league. continued..


ASA Parental Consent Form
15-17 year olds are eligible to play in the league more...

Sub Scenarios
The affect of using subs in various men's/coed league situations more... Playing the field with 9 more...

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